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Holland Roofing can save you money and give you peace of mind this winter.

Roof Snow Removal

Roof top snow removal is recommended if you have concern about heavy snow load causing structural damage and if your property has issues with glaciation and large icicles. Contact us for a free quote regarding snow removal from your roof. 907-290-7224.

The minimum charge of $350.00 charge includes:

  • Fuel and trip charge to property address needing snow removal
  • Holland installers use of snow removal equipment
  • 3 man hours of labor for roof top snow removal

Fall inspections

Before your roof is covered in snow, a roof inspection will help you to determine the condition and life expectancy, plus recommendations on the roof. Roof inspections provide a substantial amount of detail and will give you peace of mind. The average cost for a residential roof inspection is $350.00.

Commercial Roof Inspections are also available. Call 907-290-7224 for pricing.

Winter Specials

Winter specials offer you a substantial savings while providing our installers year round work. Discounts, upgrades and free hand sealing make winter installation a great option for many home owners. Request your free roofing quote today and see how much you could save.

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